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Consumer Directed Community Support

​Consumer Directed Community Support (CDCS) is a support option for both children and adults with disabilities who have an approved waiver. The support allows the client to develop and direct individualized plans using informal, formal and generic services.

The support is based on the results of a Long-Term Care Consultation or Full Team Developmental Disability Screening. Send a question to Social Services.

Eligibility requirements
A recipient would need to qualify for Medical Assistance or TEFRA and be a waiver recipient (Developmental Disabilities, Community Alternative Care, Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals, Traumatic Brain Injury, Elder Waiver or Alternative Care).

Prior to beginning the Consumer Directed Community Support process, a guardian/designee must attend an orientation. Orientations are offered once a month. Ask you service coordinator for the orientation schedule.

How the amount of support is determined
For the Community Alternative Care, Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals, Traumatic Brain Injury, Elder Waiver or Alternative Care waiver, the amount of support is based on the most recent Long-Term Care Consultation or Reassessment. For Developmental Disability, the budget is based on the most recent full team screening.

Developing a plan
Once the amount of support is determined, families must complete their own Community Support Plan and submit for approval before receiving support. The information you need in these plans is outlined in the mandatory orientation.

Support planners, certified by the Department of Human Services, can help you through this process if needed. Before you receive the funding, the plan is approved by Dakota County. Families then arrange supports and services identified in the plan.

Take a Consumer Satisfaction Survey to let us know how we can better serve you.

What funds can be used for
The use of funds must be consistent with the following guidelines:

  • Focused on the needs of the disabled person
  • Meet health and safety standards
  • Fiscally responsible

For goods and services to be approved, they must:
  • Maintain the ability of the client to remain in the community
  • Enhance community inclusion and family involvement
  • Develop or maintain skills
  • Decrease dependency on formal services
  • Increase independence of the client
  • Increase ability of unpaid family members and friends to receive training and education to provide support

For questions regarding this funding, please contact Theresa Halverson by phone at 651-554-6054 or by email at For more detailed information about the grant, go to the Minnesota Department of Human Services website.

Online orientation available
The online orientation course is available. Begin online orientation course.
Please contact Team C at to receive a copy of the course.

Forms & Guides
General Information

Client Policy  (DAK-7214)
Consumer Directed Community Support Expenditure Guide
Guide to Completing the Annual Community Support Plan
CriminalBackgroundStudiesEmployeeList.docxCriminal Background Studies Employee List
Consumer Directed Community Support Orientation Schedule
Flexible Case Management Support Planner
CDCSRenewalLetter.docConsumer Directed Community Support Renewal Letter

Budget Forms

Support Planning Agreement (DAK-7119.13)
Plan Change Request (DAK-7132)
Participation Agreement (DAK-7155)
Agreement to Meet State & Federal Tax and Labor Law Responsibilities (DAK-7167)
Mandated Reporter Information and Responsibilities (DAK-7168)
Informed Consent Payment of Spouse to Provide Support (DAK-7169)
Consumer Directed Community Support Waiver Expenditure Plan (DAK-7171)
Typical Work Schedule (DAK-7194)
Fiscal Support Entity Rates
Consumer Directed Community Support Plan (DAK-7170.13)
Release of Information Consent Form
Parent Pay Addendum
Minnesota Long-Term Care Consultation Services Form: Supplemental Form for Assessment of Children Under 18
Consumer Directed Community Supports Alternative Treatment Form for MHCP-Enrolled Physicians
DAK7172CriminalBackgroundStudiesEmployeeList.docxCriminal Background Studies Employee List

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